Ofcom refutes accusations of 'timidity' on 4G spectrum roll out

Ofcom refutes accusations of 'timidity' on 4G spectrum roll out

Ofcom hit back this week after being accused of ‘regulatory timidity’ which is slowing the delivery of high speed broadband and 4G spectrum in the UK.

The regulator’s response comes after it was savaged in a report by the Communications Management Association (CMA).

The report described the UK’s approach to high speed broadband as 'languid', with delays to the 4G spectrum auction caused by ‘a toxic combination of regulatory timidity and the powerful self-interest of licence holders.’

Ofcom defended its track record in the roll out of broadband and its work on spectrum.

A spokesman said Ofcom had ‘helped create one of the most competitive and dynamic broadband markets in the world with choice and cheaper prices leading to significant levels of consumer take up.

‘We are now at the next stage of developing superfast services, with nearly 60% of households able to access these networks.  Consumers and businesses are starting to adopt these services and we expect to see that grow over the next year and beyond. 

‘Alongside this, Ofcom has placed obligations on BT to allow other providers to get access to their infrastructure (ie ducts and poles) to deliver superfast broadband. We expect BT to publish further information on prices for these products shortly.  We also expect infrastructure access to play an important role in supporting the Government's broadband delivery programme which will extend the availability of superfast broadband services to consumers and businesses in those areas likely to be less well served by the competitive market.’

Ofcom also defended its performance in forwarding the introduction of 4G spectrum. The spokesman said: ‘We are very keen to see the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum awarded as soon as possible, so that next generation mobile broadband services can start to be rolled-out as soon as these frequencies are available for new use in 2013.  

‘We hope that all stakeholders will accept the outcome of the discussions around this process without further challenge, and allow the UK's citizens and consumers to enjoy the benefits of 4G services as soon as possible.’

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