Micro-P plans major channel growth for Nokia

Micro-P plans major channel growth for Nokia

Distributor Micro-P plans to grow Nokia’s devices business massively over the next three years, Micro-P MD Gerry O’Keeffe told Mobile this week.

The distributor was awarded Nokia’s new b2c distribution contract last week, in a radical shake up which also saw Ingram Micro brought on board as Nokia’s b2b distributor and incumbents Data Select and 20:20 Mobile ditched.

O’Keeffe said Micro-P has the ability to deliver massive growth to Nokia in the b2c market. He explained: ‘We have demonstrated that we have grown the business of all our vendors significantly. If you take Plantronics as an example, their business through us has grown between 600% to 700% over three years. That is what we do. We are a driven, focused company.’

He added: ‘We are completely focused on growing the breadth of Nokia’s trading estate in the retail and etail sectors

O’Keeffe said Micro-P’s portfolio of just two mobile vendors - Samsung and now Nokia – gives it the edge over competitors in the mobile space.

‘We can give a very focused service around Samsung and Nokia as we won’t be pushing all the other mobile vendors and we will be making sure we do the very best job possible to drive growth.’

Micro-P’s parent group DCC also provides additional synergy via Sercom, which markets and sells IT and entertainment products to the retail, enterprise and reseller markets and Gem Distribution, which has distribution partnerships with Microsoft, Xbox 360, Logitech, Nintendo, Symantec, Take 2, SanDisk, Kaspersky Lab and Netgear.

O’Keeffe said: ‘There are obviously opportunities there that are open to us in terms of, for example, bundling Windows Phone with X Box.’

Micro-P’s Nokia distribution strategy is backed by a general sales team of 200 staff, which sells to a wide portfolio, as well as sector specific sales teams. The sales teams make a combined 5000 telesales calls a day, selling over 9000 accounts a year.

O’Keeffee explained: ‘We have dedicated teams servicing a variety of sectors including mobile dealers and comms dealers so we can look to cross fertilise those with product sets.’

O’Keefe said Micro-P’s ability to offer innovative solutions, such as its mobile salary sacrifice scheme for corporates, was pivotal in its bid for the Nokia distribution contract.

O’Keefe said: ‘We are one of the few if not the only distributor to offer mobile salary sacrifice schemes focused at large employers in the public and private sectors. Nokia were definitely impressed with that and with other innovations we can offer.’

Micro-P also has a successful track record in selling tablets – a market Nokia is expected to enter at some point in the future.

O’Keeffe said: ‘I laugh when I hear rivals say they have difficulty selling tablets. We sold 40,000 tablets over the past four months. We know the products, we know what sells and we have the vendor and the customer relationships.’


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