Carphone Warehouse launches latest free tablet tethering deals

Carphone Warehouse launches latest free tablet tethering deals

Carphone Warehouse is offering free tablets under its new tethering deals across a range of smartphones and tablets from today (30 September).

Offers include the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Galaxy Apollo, free from £31 per month, the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry Curve 9300, free from £36 per month, and the HTC Wildfire S and  Archos 101, free from £31 per month. 

The move comes as YouGov research reveals almost half (48%) of British consumers planning to purchase a tablet will do so in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The retailer is on a drive to educate consumers about tethering, which it says is currently used by only only one in 10 tablet owners.

Tethering allows consumers to surf the internet by connecting their phones to their tablets or laptops, freeing them from being tied tto a Wi-Fi.

The retailer’s tethering campaign is targeting a wide demography including older consumers. It points to research that shows that 18-24 year old tablet owners are most likely to tether to their smartphone with one in five (18%) already hooked up, five times more than 55+ tablet owners (one in 25 or 4%). However, 29% of prospective tablet buyers are aged 55+, the retailer says.

In addition, Android tablet owners are twice as likely (one in 7 or 14%) to tether than iPad owners (one in 15 or 6%).  

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Carphone still trying to get customers to buy in to the whole tablet Market. The boom wont happen. iPad will continue to crush all newcomers
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