Everything Everywhere cuts 22 middle management jobs

Everything Everywhere cuts 22 middle management jobs

Everything Everywhere has axed 22 middle manager jobs in the latest phase of the management restructure begun by new CEO Olaf Swantee.

Swantee (pictured) took over the job on 1 September and reorganised the senior team into a board of 10. Six VPs left at that point. Swantee then asked the 10-strong leadership team to review the size and structure of their teams, which comprised 125 VPs and directors.

Among the higher profile names to go are Lysa Hardy, VP of T-Mobile propositions, Ben Messore, VP of strategy and Emin Gurdenli, VP of network.

The official company statement said: ‘Following a senior management review, Everything Everywhere has confirmed a new management structure to support the company as it transitions from integrating two businesses to a new phase focused on accelerating the delivery of the corporate ambitions.

‘The new structure will help the company be more nimble and ensure it is keeping in touch with customers’ needs. As a result of the new structure, regrettably several individuals who have played an important role shaping Everything Everywhere will be leaving the company in the coming weeks.’

Fotis Karonis, who was appointed acting chief technology officer in September has been confirmed in the post and is now responsible for both networks and traditional IT. A spokesman said: ‘There is increasing convergence there, so it is a natural fit to be under one mandate.’

The spokesman said that although the integration of Orange and T-Mobile is not complete it was far enough down the line for Swantee ask his leadership team to review the size and shape of their teams to take the company forward.

The remaining middle management layer has now been asked to look at their teams and determine whether they are the right shape and size going forward. They are due to report in six weeks time. The spokesman said: ‘We don’t know if anyone will go yet.’

The spokesman refuted any idea that T-Mobile staff were bearing the brunt of the cuts. ‘If you look at the overall numbers it’s almost 50:50. We’ve been Everything Everywhere for a year now and we don’t really make the distinction anymore. There are a lot of new hires who weren’t at either Orange or T-Mobile and some existing staff have worked for both anyway.’

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