Strong sales for iPhone 4S over launch weekend

Strong sales for iPhone 4S over launch weekend

Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, has seen strong UK sales just days after going on sale across the globe.

According to retail staff, the fourth generation iPhone has been flying off the shelves after going on sale on Friday (14 October) and has even sold out in a number of stores.

Analysts have predicted that first weekend sales of the device have hit two to three million and many staffers believe that Apple could have another success on its hands.

One Carphone Staffer told Mobile: ‘iPhone 4S sales have boosted sales a lot. We are basically out of stock. Even though sales included pre-orders as well as new connections, it was mostly upgrades. Before it even came out we were selling it. We are still doing pre-orders but we don’t physically have any more in stock. People always go crazy over the iPhone – that’s how Apple sells.’

An Orange staffer said: ‘It was manic. From Friday onwards we were busy. We have sold between 150-200 iPhone 4S’s already. Just because it’s a new iPhone, everyone wants it, from youngsters to older customers. The iPhone 4S will definitely be the phone to watch this Christmas. It always is.

The upgraded smartphone boasts an improved camera, a faster processor than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 4, as well as a new voice-activated Personal Assistant called Siri.

However, some staff claimed that the release of an updated model rather than a new iPhone 5 has potentially hindered sales.

A Phones 4u staffer said: ‘The 4S has sold well but it has not been as busy as the first day of the iPhone 4 launch because it’s not a new model. It’s not as much of a transition as it was when it went from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4. People upgraded and then asked what the new features were.

‘Sales have not been disappointing because we knew what to expect. I think for Christmas the iPhone 4S will definitely be the number one contract phone. But people that really want the iPhone won’t wait for Christmas and will just upgrade now.’

A T-Mobile staffer told Mobile: ‘We have sold out. The black 16G version is the most popular model. We have had a few walk-ins but the majority have been pre-ordered. We have been doing both upgrades and new connections. But I think sales are lower that they would have been if Apple had launched an iPhone 5. Lots of customers have been coming in for Siri because they think it’s cool.’

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S II continued to fight the corner for Android handsets. Retail staffers claimed that Samsung’s flagship handset was still in demand with sales remaining high.

A Carphone staffer added: ‘The Galaxy S II is still selling well because it is a really good handset. Whether the launch of the iPhone 4S is going to affect sales in the run up to Christmas remains to be seen.’

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