mCommerce to be slowed by hacking fears

mCommerce to be slowed by hacking fears

Mobile commerce is likely to be a slow burner with almost half of consumers concerned about a lack of security software on handsets, according to Intersperience research.

The research company announced the finding as part of its Digital Selves project, which surveyed over 1000 UK consumers on their online shopping behaviour.

Intersperience says that just 17% of its respondents said they would like to use their mobile as a wallet in the future, compared to 44% who said a lack of security on handsets was their chief concern, driven by recent high profile phone hacking scandals.

Other findings include 37% of respondents saying they would hesitate to use their handset as a payment method.

Overall, only 8% of users said they have made a payment via their mobile with 21% saying they would like to use their phone to buy something in the future.

Of these, under 18s were the most enthusiastic – 33% said they would like to use a mobile to pay for goods and 25% said they were happy to use their handset to 'swipe-and-pay' instead of cash or cards.

Paul Hudson, CEO of Intersperience, said phone hacking fears 'will impact the pace at which UK consumers adopt mobile payment systems', adding: 'Today’s adults may be adopting a cautious stance on mobile payments but we expect the next generation to be more enthusiastic. Digital Natives will be in the vanguard of mobile commerce.'

According to the M-Commerce Comes of Age: Collaborate to Succeed report released last month, m-commerce will transform the customer experience of both online and high street shopping but  companies must collaborate accordingly to make sure it meets the needs of all those in the m-commerce ecosystem including consumers, retailers, advertisers and banks.

Three has complained to the European Commission about being excluded from the ‘UK mCommerce joint venture’ that rival mobile network operators – Vodafone, 02 and Everything Everywhere are attempting to form.

The joint venture, announced in June, will aim to bring together the expertise and technology of the three operators onto an open platform that will provide advertisers, retailers and banks with a one-stop shop to book advertising space, create campaigns, provide offers, coupons and loyalty cards to be held on mobiles and redeemed in shops.

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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