Nokia runs teaser ads for Windows Mango phone

Nokia runs teaser ads for Windows Mango phone

The Nokia 800 handset is shown partially from a variety of different angles in the clips that air in-between normal commercials without any text or narration – see the different clips in a short film here.

The teaser ads have been shown during the breaks for hit shows such as The X Factor, Coronation Street, Big Brother and Downtown Abbey and show clips of a handset with matt black casing.

Mobile recently revealed that Microsoft is donating a massive war chest of £28m to Nokia and Samsung’s seasonal advertising campaigns in a last ditch attempt to grab UK market share for Windows Phone devices.

Nokia is set to get the lion’s share as Microsoft’s strategic partner. Sources indicate the Finnish manufacturer will receive up to £20m of funding to promote the launch of the first Nokia smartphone to run on Microsoft’s latest Windows 7.5 (Mango) operating system.

Strategy Analytics have predicted that Microsoft will double its share of the Western European smartphone market during 2012 to 12.3%, helped by its new partnership with Nokia.

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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