LucidCX launches Insight Retail service for in store use

LucidCX launches Insight Retail service for in store use

Mobile telecoms software company LucidCX has launched a retail version of its support suite, Insight Retail, in a bid to help retailers offer the same levels of support as those offered in call centres.

LucidCX claims that the new service will allow sales teams to reduce the queues in stores by enabling them to put an entire sale and support solution onto tablets using low-cost technology.

Insight Retail will also provide retail staff the means to resolve many support issues in-store instead of referring them to contact a call centre.

LucidCX head of architecture Bill Turner said: ‘We understand how sales can be lost because customers that are waiting in a line have given up and gone elsewhere, or worse still, losing a sale because there are no free terminals to complete it. This gave us the incentive to develop Insight Retail, which removes all of these limits.’

Meanwhile, the new Insight Retail, which has been built for the iPad, Android and Windows tablets along with a desktop version that can be deployed to tills, also reduces the cost and floor space of a terminal as it connects to the store’s retail network using Wi-Fi or 3G.

LucidCX’s head of marketing and business development Lucy Samuel, said: ‘We believe that Insight Retail is a truly innovative product that gives retailers the potential to become considerably ahead of their competitors in terms of the customer experience that they offer. We’ve all had those infuriating experiences when a store doesn’t have the necessary tools to adequately service all of its customers and we believe that with the technology available today it needn’t be complicated or expensive.’

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