Tablets dominating UK household lifestyles

Tablets dominating UK household lifestyles

Sofa surfers and bedroom browsers are the early adopters in the tablet market with 95% of UK owners using their tablet for at least an hour every day.

According to CCS Insight's Tablet User Survey, almost 80% of the total 4,500 respondents said they used their tablets in the living room.

Furthermore, in the UK and France, nearly seven in 10 use it in the bedroom, while almost four in 10 Europeans log-on in the kitchen. The move indicates that consumers are substituting laptops and netbooks for lighter, more portable devices they can use around the home.

However, contrary to popular belief, non-iPad users were found to use their tablets more than buyers of iPads. This could be due to the cost of 3G tariffs and limited availability of Wi-Fi, encouraging people to opt for ereaders like Amazon's Kindle instead.

‘Previously, people had to leave the room and sit down at a computer to use the internet. A tablet offers a more convenient and social means of access, allowing users to join in with family activities while remaining online,’ commented Martin Garner, senior VP, internet, at CCS Insight.

‘The internet is now so tightly built into many people's daily lives that they want to continue the connected lifestyle when they take a break from work,’ he added.

Tablet use on holiday is also popular, with 58% of owners packing the device in their suitcase, but usage among commuters was low, with just 15% taking their tablet when travelling to and from work and only 7% of owners saying they use their tablet mainly for work, compared with 60% who use it mainly for leisure.

‘This statistic will alarm tablet makers that are trying to sell devices to the enterprise market. Business customers will not engage with tablets until they see a vast improvement in enterprise software on tablets,’ said Garner.

Consumers in the UK are the heaviest users of tablets in the six European markets surveyed, averaging 2.8 hours a day with 11% online for more than five hours each day, according to the survey.

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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