Motorola Defy ad banned for exaggerating its durability

Motorola Defy ad banned for exaggerating its durability

Motorola has been rapped for exaggerating the resistance of its Defy handset in its TV advert by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The manufacturer, which is currently in the process of being acquired by Google, launched the phone last year with an £8m ad campaign, showing partying youths dropping the handset with no ill-effects.

The ads claimed that Defy was ’pool party proof’, ‘dance floor proof’, ‘life proof’ and ‘water resistant, scratch resistant, dust proof’.

Footage also showed the device falling to the floor in a nightclub without damage. However, three customers complained to the ad watchdog after their screens cracked when they accidentally dropped their phones, countering the ad’s claims.

The ASA accused Motorola of exaggerating its product's performance because it could not prove that dropping the handset would not damage the phone and told Motorola to ensure future ads did not misleadingly exaggerate the performance of products. It banned the ad.

Motorola is now focusing its ad attention onto its new RAZR model with a TV burst planned that will highlight its thin nature in a sexy scene filmed in a lift. See the ad on ISellMobile here:  

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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But did they drop the phones on nighclub floors?
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