Mitchinson ramps up Huawei recruitment

Mitchinson ramps up Huawei recruitment

Huawei Device UK and Ireland executive VP Mark Mitchinson is ramping up the manufacturer’s ambitious recruitment campaign, taking on another four senior managers and 20 key staff as part of a major restructuring of the Devices division.

The move follows a series of key appointments in September that saw Samsung’s product management chief Jim Powell and LG Mobile’s key account manager Richard Ward join the growing Huawei Device team.

Speaking to Mobile, Mitchinson said: ‘We are taking on another four senior staff next month and another 20 in the new year. We are running a massive recruitment campaign to get the right people.’

Mitchinson declined to identify the four senior managers until all have left their current employers. However, he said the new recruits, including the 20 set to join next year, would be spread across the company’s sales, marketing, product management and supply chain management teams.

Mitchinson said the recruitment campaign is a direct result of a wider restructuring of the company, which recently saw Huawei UK reorganised into three pillars – Enterprise, Devices and Infrastructure.

He added: ‘As part of that wider reorganisation I am looking at how to remodel the Device division. One element of that is to bolster the division with these new appointments.’

Mitchinson joined Huawei in May this year. ‘I have six months under my belt now and we are where I expected us to be. We are in a very good place now. We have really raised our profile but there is no resting on our laurels. We will continue to push forward.’

News of the new recruits follows the launch this week of Huawei’s latest own-brand smartphone, the Vision (pictured), and its first tablet, the MediaPad.

The manufacturer also announced the creation of a new Huawei Design Centre, which will be established in London early next year. Its brief is to be a centre of design excellence producing cutting edge devices aimed at the European market.

Mitchinson, who will oversee the Design Centre, said: ‘This is a completely radical point of difference for us. Unlike other manufacturers where people work in isolation and design decisions are taken at corporate level, our designs will be cutting edge and market driven.’

He added: ‘It will be very different from any other corporate environment – very free spirited. We will pay top designers to work for us who will create an environment that inspires great creativity.’

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