Daisy Distribution launches new Orange Business Partner Programme

Daisy Distribution launches new Orange Business Partner Programme

Daisy Distribution is inviting 11 of its top performing partners to join its new Orange Business Partner Programme, managed in association with BlackBerry.

The 11 selected for the programme qualified on the basis of their strong allegiance to Orange, their KPI performance, which includes volume of connections, BlackBerry penetration and churn percentage.

Daisy Distribution’s marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said: ‘We wanted to identify partners who were not only the top performers in our base, but were starting to develop a foundation that we could build upon by helping them grow their business with Orange even further.

‘After presenting that list of proposed customers to Orange for approval, we visited each partner to further understand from their perspective the tools needed to be incorporated within the programme in order for it to succeed.’

The aim of the Daisy Distribution Orange Partner Programme, which is known as Fusion, is to create a community of partners dedicated to the Orange network.

By creating a set of tools around the programme, including targeted marketing support, Daisy Distribution will enable those partners to grow their business with Orange.

As with the company’s O2 and Vodafone partner programmes, partners on the Orange Partner Programme will have the opportunity to become Centres of Excellence for that network within Daisy Distribution.

Parven said: ‘Having spent a period of time aligning our business with each of our network partners, we have uncovered some fantastic opportunities with Orange within our base.

‘The aim, therefore, of our Orange Partner Programme is to formalise that relationship and take it to the next level, as well as rewarding new partners for bringing their Orange business to Daisy Distribution.’

He added: ‘Our overall business goal will see us working very close with each of our network partners to consistently over perform against the targets they set us.

‘We want to ensure that for each of those networks we have got a vehicle that is capable of delivering that performance, which we hope to achieve through our partner programmes.”

At the Orange Partner Programme launch event in December, Daisy Distribution will officially release its exclusive lead generation programme for the selected 11 partners.

A channel-wide incentive will also be announced, which will run from Quarter 1 next year.

Parven added: ‘This incentive will be open to everyone who contributes to Orange in the channel, as a way of rewarding all those who have made us successful to date on Orange.

‘There will be an added benefit for the business partners who are strategically aligning themselves to us through our partner programme.’

The 11 partners will be officially welcomed onto the programme by Orange at the Gaucho restaurant in Smithfield, London, in December, when it is formally launched.

Prior to the launch, Daisy Distribution has been visiting each of the chosen partners, alongside Orange and BlackBerry, as part of efforts to present them with a bespoke commercial and proposition offering.

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