Nokia CEO pursues developer support and increased volumes

Nokia CEO pursues developer support and increased volumes

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has pledged to investors that the company will attract developer support to its new Windows platform and his top priority is to drive up sales volumes.

Elop was addressing the Morgan Stanley Telecom, Media and Technology conference in Barcelona and stressed that the company’s lower operating expenses and increased volumes should help it to boost its bottom line.

The next stage, he added, would be to increase the company's gross margins, a measure of profitability. ‘We want to see volumes begin to move. We need to get developers recognising there is a growing opportunity here, so that we attract applications,’ the Wall Street Journal reports him as saying.

Elop cited Apple and Google's Android as the company's biggest competition and said the handset manufacturer needs to ensure that Windows is able to compete against those two challengers.

He added the company’s new use of Windows will allow it to differentiate its handsets even further when Microsoft launches its new Windows 8 software next year.

Echoing Nick Hedderman, Microsoft UK's head of consumer marketing for Windows Phone claims that handset prices have dropped because of the uniqueness of the partnership, Elop said the company would continue to push Windows smartphone prices down to kick-start sales.

Addressing rumours around a Nokia tablet, Elop called tablets an interesting opportunity for the company, but declined to say if Nokia would launch its own.

"As it relates to specific plans for tablets, we look at the Windows 8 opportunity and say that's really interesting, but we have made no announcements around that," he said.

Nokia’s Lumia 800 handset, dubbed by some as the manufacturer’s make-or-break device, was launched this week, the first since the Finnish firm ditched its own operating system and signed an agreement with Microsoft.

It was unveiled along with the Lumia 710 last month at the annual Nokia World as the first stage of Nokia’s attempt to fight back in the smartphone market after losing considerable ground to their rivals.

Analysts have warned that the new handsets will only take off if customers adopt the Windows Phone OS in large numbers.

Meanwhile, heads of the largest European wireless firms unanimously called for more consolidation at the same conference. Executives from France Telecom, Vodafone and Telefónica argued that a larger number of competitors is dragging down profits for everyone, making it hard to build next generation networks for consumers.

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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