Only one in five consumers are happy with their mobile broadband speeds

Only one in five consumers are happy with their mobile broadband speeds

Just 20% of mobile broadband users are happy with their speeds, according to a survey by Broadband Genie.

The comparison website polled over 1,500 people and found that just 5.3% were definitely happy with their mobile broadband speed, while 15.8% thought it was ‘OK’.

Comparatively, 56.8% said they were unhappy, with the final 22% saying they were unsure.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling said: ‘This is another damning indictment on the state of mobile broadband in the UK. While home broadband speeds have been racing forward, 3G mobile broadband has stood still – devices that were heralded as ‘up to’ 7.2Mb almost five years ago are still often averaging below 2Mb in reality.

‘Consumers are increasingly unhappy about mobile broadband speeds because they are getting more and more out of their home broadband. They expect that experience to translate to their internet experience on the move – thanks to poor reception, frequent drop-outs and slow speeds, it simply isn’t even close.’

Marling added that delays over the 4G spectrum auction by communications watchdog Ofcom means the problem is set to continue until 2013 at the earliest.

‘Ofcom is dragging its heels over the 4G spectrum auction that should see things improve dramatically. A date still hasn’t been set, let alone one for when it will be handed over. Even optimistic best guesses put the auction in 2012; actual 4G mobile broadband services won’t be a reality until 2013. It’s a joke – especially when you consider there were complaints about the auction being put off as far back as early 2010, when the general election got in the way.’

Everything Everywhere, BT Wholesale and O2 begun trialling 4G broadband and a parliamentary committee recently called for the delays in the auction to stop to allow the UK to meet its targets. 

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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