Three sees 137TB of data passing through network daily

Three sees 137TB of data passing through network daily

Three has claimed that 137 terabytes of data is now passing across the network every day, accounting for 40% of the UK’s combined mobile data traffic.

The operator announced the news in a blog post by Phil Sheppard, director of network strategy, who said that data accounted for 97% of the traffic carried on the network and was roughly the equivalent of 35.8 million iTunes tracks being downloaded on a daily basis.

Sheppard added that every month Three customers were viewing 1.24 billion Facebook pages and that the amount of data used on the network within the M25 alone during the month of October could be used to download 360 million iTunes tracks – or 36 million albums worth of music.

He elaborated: ‘Sounds like a lot, right? It is. If those albums were on CD and were laid down flat side by side, they’d stretch from the West Coast of China to the East Coast – that’s 3,000 miles! At Three, we’re the biggest advocates of how using a smartphone can enhance your everyday lives, and I’m thrilled to say that we’re clearly not the only ones that think it.’

Around 60% of Three’s customers are now smartphone users and it expects the number to rise to at least 90% over the coming year, boosted by customer upgrades to the latest smartphones.

Sheppard concluded: ‘It’s our aim to make sure our customers have access to all the internet they’ll ever need, and as more and more of you choose a smartphone as your primary gadget, those already staggering numbers can only go one way – up.’

Three recently unveiled a nationwide, integrated campaign to promote itself as the UK’s fastest growing network in terms of new customers. The move came after the firm expanded its The One Plan by offering an £18 per month all-you-can-eat data tariff on a 24 month contract.

Joe Fernandez

Written by Mobile Today
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