O2 Joined Up People to win work off rivals

O2 Joined Up People to win work off rivals

O2’s new Joined Up People service could be a disruptive product in the market that will help the company win work off rival operators, David Plumb, O2’s general manager for enterprise, told Mobile.

Plumb (pictured) said: ‘We can provide the service to organisations we don’t have a relationship with without selling them the devices, which can be quite disruptive in terms of acquisition. Alternatively, we can also go to one of our existing customers and say we can secure your devices and help you work more flexibly and productively.’

The service, launched last week (17 November), is designed to facilitate flexible and mobile working, as well as help organisations manage the flood of new devices being brought into the workplace by employees, known as BYOD (bring your own device). It consists of consultancy, security and mobile device management in addition to O2’s existing core Joined Up portfolio of devices, hardware, mobile, fixed-line and broadband services.

By providing a service to securely manage the BYOD phenomenon, O2 can establish a relationship with an organisation that may be supplied with devices, telephony and broadband services by a rival operator. When the contract comes up for renewal O2 will be much better placed to bid for its device and communications needs.

‘Enterprises are starting to see they have a problem or an opportunity with BYOD growing,’ said Plumb. ‘But they are paranoid about security, so we need to provide them with the best applications and security to enable them to manage a wide range of devices.’

O2 has partnered with a range of specialist firms to offer a package of services. Fibrelink provides a device with access to as much of the company’s data as its policy permits through secure, cloud-based, over-the-air synching. It also offers access to company data and intranet for both fixed-line and mobile phones and tablets. 

Asavie gives IT managers the ability to remotely lock down a device and wipe it if required, while Zenprise provides real-time information on how many devices are on the network, where they are and what they are doing.

‘It’s a very powerful cocktail,’ said Plumb. ‘We’ve got to convince IT managers that this is secure enough for their data. We will download the apps they want, set it up and then put them in control. The nice thing is it works across the different mobile platforms such as iOS, BlackBerry and Android. But the whole thing is actually much bigger than it might sound. What it will do is help organisations be more productive in the way that they work.’

O2 is offering its Explore consultancy package where it will go in and profile the different users within the enterprise, be they road warriors, engineers, office-based or office-based staff who travel. ‘We profile the users, look at their business processes, then make recommendations as to how they can work more efficiently,’ said Plumb.

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