Second iPhone 4 explodes

Second iPhone 4 explodes

A second Apple iPhone 4 has exploded in less than a week, according to reports.

An iPhone 4 user in Brazil claims he was woken by his iPhone emitting smoke and sparks. The device had been plugged in to charge overnight.

The incident comes less than a week after an iPhone 4 began giving off smoke and glowing red on an Australian plane.

In a statement, regional Australian airline Regional Express said a mobile phone that belonged to a passenger began to expel a ‘significant amount of dense smoke’ and give off a red glow on a flight from Lismore, Australia to Sydney last week.

The photo accompanying the statement shows a black iPhone with a shattered, burnt casing.

A flight attendant extinguished the fire and there were no casualties, the airline said.

It added that it has reported the incident to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the country's Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and given the phone to the Bureau for analysis.

In a statement relating to the first incident, Apple said: ‘We look forward to working with the officials investigating this incident.’

The manufacturer was unavailable for comment on this latest incident.

Experts say the phones could be fakes. However, other Apple devices have had problems with defective batteries.

Earlier this month, Apple recalled some iPod Nanos over concerns about defective batteries overheating.

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