Apple and Android app downloads hit 1.2 billion per week

Apple and Android app downloads hit 1.2 billion per week

UK consumers downloaded 81 million apps in the week after Christmas, with new research suggesting global app downloads smashed through the one billion mark for the first time.

App research firm Flurry said there was a 60% jump in downloads between the week before and the week after Christmas. On average, 750 million apps were downloaded per week between 4 and 17 December.

The geographic breakdown showed the United States accounted for nearly half of all downloads (509 million), followed by China (99 million), and the UK (81 million). Canada, Germany, and France were the next heaviest downloaders with approximately 40 million during the same week, between 25 and 31 December.

Flurry said the results were skewed by the western countries that celebrate Christmas. It said: 'For example, South Korea and Japan have the 4th and 5th largest smart device installed bases of all countries, yet they ranked 7th and 10th, respectively, for downloads over the record week. Christmas is not recognised as a national holiday in Japan, and in South Korea, roughly half the population self-identifies as non-religious.'

Flurry earlier estimated that 6.8 million Apple and Android devices were activated on Christmas Day, with an additional 20 million smartphones activated in the subsequent week.

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