Shop staff get excited about new iPad launch

Shop staff get excited about new iPad launch

Shopfloor staff have backed the new iPad to be a key device for the next few months, with strong sales expected.

As retailers and operators thrash out plans for pricing the latest Apple tablet, which goes on sale in the UK next Friday (16 March), retail staff have warmly greeted the device. One Phones 4u sales person in Coventry said: 'I want to buy it. I don’t need it, but I want it. I like the fact that name is simple. Phones 4u should start flogging it.'

One T-Mobile staff member in Swansea said: 'It's great for those who are after a tablet but it could have had a better name. What will the next device be called? The new new iPad? But we will sell loads, so that's what matters.'

A Three retailer in Camden agreed that the name was a let down. He said: 'It has a very stupid name but it doesn’t matter as we will sell loads.' Other retailers suggested that naming the new tablet the 'iPad 3' or 'iPad HD' would have been a better option.

One Vodafone retailer in Bristol argued that the new iPad launch could bolster iPad 2 sales. The price of the previous generation device has fallen with last night's announcement of its successor. He said: 'It's good for the iPad 2 as it's still popular. I think the new iPad will sell but it will increase sales of the iPad 2. I like the new name. It's better than another number.'

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Editors: Christian Azolan and Graeme Neill

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Yes its exciting but unless its subsidised to the same level as a smartphone it wont generate much interest within my company . We get paid for connec ...
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