Huawei claims rivals 'dropped the ball'

Huawei claims rivals 'dropped the ball'

Huawei’s UK chief Mark Mitchinson has claimed a number of  ‘leading manufacturers have become extremely complacent and arrogant’.

Speaking after this year’s Mobile World Congress, the manufacturer’s executive VP for UK & Ireland said: ‘Many [manufacturers] have lost touch with their loyal customers, they are resting on their laurels, hiding behind established brands with little loyalty from the public. In my view, these dominant manufacturers lost touch many years ago. They became devoid of ideas and strategic foresight.’

While Huawei is currently a minor player in the UK market with a 1% share, Mitchinson (pictured) has previously revealed ambitious plans to increase this to 4% by the end of 2012. He told Mobile that although these were exciting times for the industry, competition would be at its most fierce this year and there would be a period of growth and diversification across the sector.

‘What has happened in manufacturing terms over the past year is simply astounding’, said Mitchinson. ‘It’s clear as day the current market-leading smartphone companies have capitalised on other manufacturers’ inability to maintain traction and cut-through. It’s debatable, but I sincerely believe that at least four or five manufacturers dropped the ball.’ However, he refused to name the companies that he was referring to.

Mitchinson said he believes Huawei has never had a better opportunity to capitalise in the handset market. ‘We are a new and exciting brand, a company that will disrupt, but at the same time add tremendous value. We want to listen to our partners, not dictate terms.’

Huawei will target a ‘young techy’ demographic with its new Ascend range of smartphones, which it unveiled at MWC. It also launched ‘the world’s fastest quad-core smartphone’, the Ascend D Quad, and its first ever 10-inch quad-core tablet. Huawei’s new product director James Powell said: ‘The Ascend family of phones is an engineering triumph. It represents the essence of Huawei technology.’

Mitchinson added: ‘We want to be as disruptive as possible in the marketplace but also make sure our customers are happy with what we’re providing.’

Editor: Shujaul Azam

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