Easy to use Jet?

Easy to use Jet?
The business-focused Jet device is also being pitched as O2's take on a 'simple' handset.

John Davies, head of own brand devices at O2 said: 'We know Jet, with its market-leading battery performance, will do well in Corporate/SME space.'

He added, 'However, we're very interested in [seeing] how consumers who just want a reliable, no-frills handset will receive it. We're not saying our customers are simple, but we do know that there's a relatively untapped market segment who want a quality, phone first device, and we're confident that Jet will prove to be a popular consumer device as well.'

At a recent press event, O2 UK CEO, Matthew Key, told journalists,
'Customers told us – "I don't want complexity or the cost of functionality that I am never going to use." They also said," The battery life and voice quality on new phones is not as good as my old Nokia".'

O2's response was the Jet which among its other features offers 22 days of standby time and ten hours of talktime. It also has a handy dedicated switch that changes the profile from Meeting to Silent or Ring.

While the Jet may be aimed at corporate users, being offered on prepay for a retail price of £60 will definitely push it into the consumer space.

Vodafone has had some success with its 'Simply' range of rudimentary devices. made by Sagem.

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