Dyson: Ofcom 4G proposals 'flawed' and 'irrational'

Dyson: Ofcom 4G proposals 'flawed' and 'irrational'

Three CEO David Dyson has accused Ofcom of using a 'flawed' method to draw up its 4G auction proposals and urged the regulator to reconsider its 'irrational' decision to remove the sub-1GHz guarantee.

Dyson outlined Three's first public response to Ofcom's consultation on the 4G auction, which closed last week. Among the changes the regulator had made was removing the safeguard of sub-1GHz spectrum for a fourth operator.

While Ofcom has argued that higher frequency spectrum, such as the 1800MHz chunk available, could suffice for a 4G offer, Dyson said its own findings disagreed. He said: 'Ofcom did appear to have a solid opinion about the advantages of lower frequency spectrum but now they have changed that view. Our view is the technical modelling that formed the basis of Ofcom's proposals is flawed.'

He added: 'As a consumer, and not the CEO of a mobile operator, my clear request to Ofcom is to reconsider their technical analysis and position on low frequency spectrum, and reconclude on a solution that more closely follows every other regulators in Europe.

'As a CEO of a mobile operator, the conclusion to the contrary would be irrational, questionable and unnecessarily risks future competition in the UK mobile market.'

While reports suggested Dyson could threaten legal action if Ofcom's auction rules, due to be published this summer, do not go its way, he did not do so today. However, he refused to rule out the possibility, telling delegates at the Future of Mobile 2012 Westminster eForum 'we will have to see how Ofcom will respond'.

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