HTC uses consumers for One series global ad campaign

HTC uses consumers for One series global ad campaign

HTC has put real people at the centre of a new marketing campaign for its One series of smartphones.

The 'As Recommended By' campaign launches next Wednesday with a television spot during The 10 O'Clock Show on Channel 4. HTC said it intends to only ever use real people in its marketing from now on. It has sent out more than 1,000 handsets to HTC fans, consumers and influencers to use ahead of the retail launch. In stores, shoppers will get to experience the three HTC one phones for themselves. Their recommendations will be captured to show to other consumers. HTC UK said it is the company's largest and most ambitious marketing campaign to date.

The television ad features photography fans Nick Jojola and Tony Mac. Neither had ever shot any commercial photography nor skydived before but were challenged to capture high production fashion imagery on the HTC One handsets while freefalling at 126mph. The ad was shot at dusk and dawn, which HTC said was designed to highlight its simulaneous video and photo capture functionality and the instant capture capabilities of the One series.

HTC VP of marketing Greg Fisher said: 'In a world where consumers have more say and more means to share their opinion than ever, personal recommendations are one of the most important factors in purchase decisions. 'As a brand that has also put the consumer at the heart of its innovation, we wanted to give consumers the chance to make their own minds up about HTC and so enabled them to harness the power of personal experiences with the aim of turning them into personal and authentic recommendations.'

He added: 'We believe this is one of the most transparent campaigns in history, as we are set to embrace our consumer’s first–hand experiences and impressions of our new product and put their recommendations at the forefront of our communications. This ambitious marketing strategy is at the centre of driving HTC’s significant global growth targets in 2012 and beyond.'

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