Nokia launches third software upgrade in bid to fix Lumia 800 battery glitches

Nokia launches third software upgrade in bid to fix Lumia 800 battery glitches

Nokia is launching a third software update for the Nokia Lumia 800 in only four months, following rising customer complaints about battery life.

Originally scheduled for 18 April, the manufacturer has brought the schedule forward, launching a phased update from this week.

Writing to consumers on its official blogsite 'Conversations by Nokia', Dinesh, a Nokia employee, said: ‘We’ve heard your feedback and comments: better battery performance is what you really want. And that’s exactly what you’ll get. We put the software through rigorous tests, and what came out was an update that shows significant improvements in battery life.’

Nokia claims the update will make the Lumia 800 ‘among the top performers’ of smartphones with similar battery capacities.

However, consumers demanding Wi-Fi tethering will have to wait. Dinesh said: ‘I know some of you are keen to know when features like Wi-Fi tethering will be available. We can’t confirm at this stage exactly when it will be delivered, but rest assured it is on its way.’

The software update will be delivered over a four-week period beginning this week for the first batch. Subsequent phased updates will be on 4, 11 and 18 April. Customers need to check on the Nokia website or with their networks to find out when their upgrade is due.

Ally Pereira, a Nokia Lumia 800 user, commented on the Nokia blog website: ‘Nokia seriously needs to have this stuff sorted out ASAP, the Lumia 800 is currently still the flagship phone until they release the Lumia 900 and with the issues half of the world has faced with the Lumia 800, it's definitely going to take Nokia down hill considering that this is their first attempt to introducing (sic) Windows Phone 7.’

Another user called Strong Beef wrote: ‘There must be a huge problem with the 3G radio as it still drains incredibly fast when just in standby, somewhere between 2-5% per hour. This is only with one push email and two live tiles, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth etc off, with nothing else running in the background. I've noticed the battery percentage behaving strangely too, e.g. one minute it's at 30% but the next it's gone back up to 37%. While I do appreciate the updates being released, there are still major problems four months after release, this is unacceptable Nokia and it needs to be fixed!’

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