‘Our biggest campaign ever’ for HTC One series

‘Our biggest campaign ever’ for HTC One series

HTC is targeting business customers with its new One series of smartphones as it launches a high profile marketing campaign across television, digital and print aimed at consumers.

The Taiwanese company launched its biggest UK campaign to date this week with a television spot on Channel 4. Further TV ads, billboards and cinema campaigns are planned over the coming months. The ads focus on customers talking about why they are fans of the devices. HTC said it would only ever use ‘real people’ in its campaigns from now on.

HTC UK & Ireland executive director Phil Roberson said the ads would move away from boasting about specs. He said: ‘What is important is the personal experience in how they use and engage with the product. The emotional attachment to the product is important. It’s the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you do at night. We are immensely attached to our mobiles.’

While the focus of the campaign is on consumers, Roberson said he was also speaking to businesses about selling the devices to enterprise clients. He said: ‘There’s no doubt for me that we have seen Android develop into a much better enterprise player. Using these devices is great for looking at email and digesting content. The 4.7-inch screen is useful for looking at PowerPoint in a way you really can’t do in a smaller form factor.

‘Android has also done a great job in addressing security concerns and it has a lot more traction as an OS within the business space. All enterprise customers are, of course, also normal consumers so the crossover potential is definitely there. The campaign is primarily focused on consumers but we are working with enterprise partners to ensure an enterprise spend.’

The manufacturer has worked closely with retailers and operators to create brand advocates in store. Roberson cited the example of Phones 4u staff using the One X’s camera to take a photo of a water balloon bursting. The One X will initially be sold on a contract basis, with HTC working on its pay-as-you-go plans for later in 2012.

Meanwhile, Roberson said social media will feature ‘uncurated’ reviews from customers. When asked if this could backfire if the One series receives unfavourable reviews, he said: ‘If we are going to be true to ourselves and the campaign, we will feature what everyone is saying. It’s a risky strategy but we believe we have to look at how people buy now.’

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