Everything Everywhere in talks with staff over retail cuts

Everything Everywhere in talks with staff over retail cuts

Everything Everywhere is cutting roles in its retail stores and head office as it looks to expand its number of own branded shops.

A total of 95 jobs will be affected but the operator will lose 45 staff. A spokesperson said it wants to merge Orange and T-Mobile shops in 31 towns across the UK into one Everything Everywhere branch for each location. Twenty-seven store manager positions and one assistant manager role will be cut, following a 90-day consultation.

The retail cuts will affect the head office with the operator restructuring departments such as marketing. Sixty-seven jobs are at risk but the operator said 50 new roles will be created.

In a statement, an Everything Everywhere spokesman said it would seek to redeploy any staff affected by the retail store cuts. He said: 'The new [head office] structure will help retail become more agile, efficient and ensure that, as a business, we are even closer to our customers’ needs.'

Ben Bellamy, organising project leader at the Prospect union, condemned the cuts. He said: 'While these job cuts are due to company strategy post merger and not financial difficulties, they still leave highly skilled sales staff out of work during an extremely difficult time for Britain’s high streets.

'We are disappointed that voluntary redundancies were not considered. This will cause great uncertainty and worry for those members affected. We welcome the commitment from the employer to redeploy staff where possible and their encouragement for affected staff to move to non-retail roles, bringing their front line skills into back office roles.

'However, it may not be possible to do this for those working at remote locations who cannot get to an alternative office.'

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I cant imagine anyone would be surprised that everything everywhere are cuttings jobs, it was bound to happen . All joint ventures invariably have job ...
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