Orange puts new roaming services on the runway

Orange puts new roaming services on the runway

The services are already available in other European countries where Orange trades. The Orange Travel App will allow owners of Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices to track their data usage and SMS details in real-time. They can then compare this within the app to their local tariff plans to ensure they have not exceeded their allowances. The app was launched in France last year and has already attracted more than 15,000 downloads.

An Orange spokesman said the app will hit the market by the summer but marketing material seen by Mobile suggested the service will be launched next month.

The roaming bundle will offer daily, weekly or monthly tariffs incorporating voice, SMS and data. For example, customers travelling in France will be able to buy a bundle that includes 10 minutes of voice, 10 SMSes and 10MB of data for around €5 per day from June onwards. Orange declined to reveal a UK launch date for the service.

When the services were first launched outside of the UK, Orange said it was to counteract the risks of high roaming charges. Orange executive VP for consumer mobile services Vincent Brunet said: ‘By putting in further safety nets, we are helping customers to manage their consumption while we continue to introduce competitive offers that respond to our customers growing needs.’

Later this year, Orange will also roll out a ‘rest of world’ alert and cap for customers travelling outside of the European Union. As customers approach their data limit, they will receive an SMS alert and can then choose to purchase more data or be cut off when the limit is reached. No UK release date has been confirmed for the service.

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