Samsung to make smartphones 'more affordable'

Samsung to make smartphones 'more affordable'

Samsung is making its high-end handsets 'more affordable' in the second half of 2012, with new figures claiming the Korean manufacturer is close to overtaking Apple as the UK’s biggest smartphone company.

Simon Stanford, VP for its UK & Ireland telecommunications and networks division, said it was in talks with operators about introducing more ‘creative tariffing’. He said: ‘Consumers want more of what we have been offering. Screens are becoming very important for them and we have been bringing that in droves. They also want different sized devices. We will be bringing some creative offers as we are working with operators for the second half of this year. We want to make our higher-end devices more affordable for customers.’

Stanford (pictured) praised operators for their ‘very innovative’ tariff offers and said he was keen on more flexible approaches to contracts, outside of the normal 24 month period. One operator told Mobile Samsung was putting a lot of effort into the UK market, with the manufacturer set to announce its successor to the Galaxy S II on 3 May. He said: ‘Samsung is being very very pushy at the moment and is aggressively trying to get a much larger market share… The market is getting ever more competitive and manufacturers are looking to do more that disrupts it.’

Research released this week claimed Samsung was marginally behind Apple in the race to be the UK’s number one smartphone manufacturer. Sales figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech claimed Samsung had a 28.1% share of the smartphone market, a sliver behind Apple at 28.2%.

Stanford was bullish about Samsung’s prospects, despite the re-emergence of HTC and Sony as contenders. He said: ‘It’s the most competitive it has been because of the new entrants. We take them very seriously and don’t take it for granted that we have to be one step ahead, and that’s in terms of research and development and manufacturing capability.’

However, despite rumours the manufacturer is readying more Windows Phones for launch in 2012, Samsung will be sticking with the Android OS in the UK for now. Stanford said: ‘Based on where we are, Android is the leading platform and growing. When we feel the market is ready for Windows, we will be at the forefront of it.’

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They should make there SmartPhone Cheaper So Many People could Afford. It Like the The Samsung Galaxy Y I have Its So Cheap That I Have One
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