Consumers 'overestimating data needs'

Consumers 'overestimating data needs'

Consumers are hugely overestimating their data needs and sign up to much pricier tariffs than they need to, a new survey has claimed.

Research by Ofcom-accredited price comparison site Billmonitor found that while 49% of all smartphone users consume less than 100MB per month, 88% have a montly data allowance of 500MB or more. The survey also revealed that while data use has more than doubled over the past 18 months from 71MB to 154MB, it is much lower than what consumers perceive they need.

The study revealed that 24% of smartphone owners have moderate data consumption of between 100-250MB per month, with the remaining 27% consuming more than 250MB per month. founder Stelios Koundouros said: 'Virtually all smartphone users have one thing in common: they’re all paying more for mobile data than they should. It is notoriously difficult for people to estimate their real data usage, and smartphone users who don’t know how much data they are using cannot make an informed decision on which tariff is right for them. We urge people to take a good look at their consumption and make sure that they are not paying over the odds for their data.'

Editor: Graeme Neill

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