Apple drops 4G from new iPad adverts

Apple drops 4G from new iPad adverts

Apple has stopped using the phrase '4G' to advertise the new iPad, following complaints from consumers.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the manufacturer had co-operated fully with its investigation but said a second probe had been launched after consumers said Apple was using 4G to describe the tablet device's capabilities.

When the device was launched in the UK in March, adverts said it would work with 4G mobile technology. However, the next generation services are not set to be introduced to the UK until later this year at the earliest.

A spokesperson for the ASA told the BBC: 'We will be checking the amendments to ensure they adhere to the Advertising Code.'

An Apple spokesman said: 'Carriers do not all refer to their high speed networks with the same terminology. Therefore we've decided to use 'wi-fi + cellular' as a simple term which describes all the high speed networks supported by the new iPad. The advanced wireless features of the new iPad have not changed.'

Editor: Graeme Neill

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