A third of consumers would upgrade to a Facebook phone

A third of consumers would upgrade to a Facebook phone

Almost one in three of UK consumers would upgrade to a Facebook phone if one is launched, a report claims today.

Responding to reports that Facebook is using former Apple engineers to design its first smartphone, cutprice website MyVoucherCode.co.uk asked 968 people if they would upgrade to a Facebook phone. Almost a third (32%) agreed they would.

MyVoucherCode.co.uk said its website is already receiving ‘a notable number of searches’ for the term ‘Facebook smartphone’ following reports this week of the involvement of Apple technicians in the design of the Facebook smartphone.

The poll revealed that 73% of respondents thought the Facebook phone ‘a good idea.’

Asked why they would purchase a Facebook phone and to select all the reasons that applied to them from a list of five options, 62% cited Facebook chat accessibility, 57% said it would be a cheaper alternative to an iPhone, 55% cited constant access to Facebook, 49% wanted simple functionality and 48% said they would choose a Facebook phone because they wanted to keep up with new tech trends.

The research also showed that 44% of people liked the idea of having their mobile phone synched with their Facebook account, while 41% said they wanted to be able to use Facebook apps on their smartphone.

Of those that said they wouldn’t upgrade to a Facebook phone, the majority (53%) said they didn’t think the phone would be very good.

MyVoucherCodes.co.uk chairman Mark Pearson said: ‘It will be quite exciting to see the first Facebook phone when it’s released next year. Rumour has it that they’ve drafted in a few former Apple engineers to create the hardware and software for the new handset.

‘There are already rumours circulating about what the phone will look like and what features will be available. It certainly will be interesting to see how it compares to the more popular smartphones that are out there at the moment.’

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