LG plans major redesign of smartphone portfolio

LG plans major redesign of smartphone portfolio

LG Mobile is planning a major redesign aimed at creating a similar look across its smartphone portfolio, using the recently launched LG Optimus LTE II smartphone as the blueprint.

The manufacturer will also focus on developing LTE phones and improving its smartphone screens.

The plans were revealed by Kenneth Hong, the global director of corporate communications for LG, who also insisted LG has no plans to quit the mobile phone business, despite falling sales.

Hong said LG’s mobile division is focusing on three key areas – LTE speed, smartphone displays and design, with LG Mobile planning to develop a more uniform design for all of its phones, akin to the LG Optimus LTE II (pictured), which the manufacturer launched in Korea this month.

Hong explained: ‘We want our phones to have a certain look to them. Not like in the past where every phone had a different look. They all are going to start looking similar to the LTE II that we just announced.’

Turning to LG Mobile’s plans to upgrade the displays on its phones, Hong said: ‘The display is a big driver for us as well because, to be honest with you, when it comes to components, that's the one component that people have to look at every day. They don't have to look at the memory every day, they don't have to look at the battery every day, but they have to look at the screen every day. It's really an in-your-face kind of component.’

Denying reports that LG had considered baling out of the mobile market, Hong said: ‘At no stage of the five difficult quarters was there any ever talk of us getting out of the business.’

Hong said LG sees the mobile industry as key to developing new, groundbreaking products across the group. Speaking to The Guardian, he said: ‘It's not even part of the vocabulary to get out of the phone business. It's a huge driver for innovation. Because there are new phones every three months. There's a new TV every year. If you want to be an innovation company, you've got to stay in a business that requires constant development. That's the phone business. We're not developing new washers and dryers every month. ‘

He added: ‘It's a leadership kind of area to be in. We want to be in it because we do consider ourselves to be an innovative company and to not do phones would make us slow.’

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