Minister blames litigious network operators for 4G delay

Minister blames litigious network operators for 4G delay

Communications minister Ed Vaizey blamed litigious mobile operators for delays to the roll out of the UK’s 4G network.

Speaking at Intellect’s Future of Entertainment conference in central London yesterday, Vaizey acknowledged that the roll out was delayed. He added: 'It is worth remembering, for those who ask why it’s taking so long [to launch 4G]...Ofcom has to undergo an exhaustive consultation process, because every single mobile phone company has threatened to sue Ofcom if they don’t get it right.

‘If you want to complain about the delay, don’t look at Ofcom or the Government. Stop your nearest mobile phone operator and ask them what’s causing the delay.’

Responding to Vaizey’s comments, Everything Everywhere denied it had threatened Ofcom with litigation. In a statement, the operator said: ‘Everything Everywhere has no appetite for delaying the spectrum auction, nor any appetite for litigation against Ofcom. We haven’t threatened Ofcom with litigation at any stage in this auction process.

'We strongly believe that we need 4G in Britain as soon as possible, as the UK is already behind 38 other countries with a commercial LTE roll out.

'Everything Everywhere is investing and innovating to bring 4G to the UK as soon as possible, and has requested permission from Ofcom to launch 4G on a small scale this year, using its existing 1800MHz spectrum.’

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