Go Mobile franchisees meet A1 Comms bosses

Go Mobile franchisees meet A1 Comms bosses

Franchise partners from over 80 Go Mobile stores met with A1 Comms management for the first time this weekend to discuss the future of the Go Mobile business.

The meeting follows A1 Comms’ purchase of Shebang Technologies’ Purple Partnership franchise business earlier this month, which includes 100 Go Mobile stores. A1 Comms, which owns independent online retail website BuyMobilePhones.net, also snapped up Shebang’s online business AffordableMobiles.co.uk.

A1 Comms MD Paul Sisson (pictured) and commercial director Stuart Joce hosted the event, which began with an overview of A1 Comms and a run down of the company’s plans for the Purple Partnership business. It also included an open floor Q&A session.

Speaking to Mobile, A1 Comms sales and marketing manager Jamie Tomlinson said: ‘It was very much an introductory meeting. A few of the franchisees have been through a similar ownership transfer before and we wanted to give them the reassurance that we are an established company with financial backing to support the business and that we know what we are doing.’

Tomlinson said consolidation of the business is central to A1 Comms’ agenda, followed by growth.

He said: ‘We want to take the business forward one step at a time. Our message at the event was that we want to make sure we do things properly. We want to make right everything that hasn’t been right, get the business running smoothly, get the stock into stores and make sure none of the franchisees have any financial concerns. Then we will look to grow the business.’

Franchisees were told that they will be able to buy stock from A1 Comms ‘in whatever quantities necessary,’ said Tomlinson. The company also promised access to the same stock as that which is available from A1 Comms’ BuyMobilePhones.net retail website.

One franchisee told Mobile the meeting had been ‘upbeat, positive and reassuring’. He added: ‘Obviously it has been very unsettled over the past few months so it was a very reassuring meeting. It was all about consolidation. It ticked all the boxes. It was a really open meeting and no questions were avoided.’

He added: ‘Paul Sisson was impressive. He came across as a very genuine, straightforward, humble guy.’

Editor: Carol Millett

Interview: A1 Comms MD Paul Sisson

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