Nokia offers Smart Setup for customers

Nokia offers Smart Setup for customers

Nokia is ramping up its customer care offer with the launch of Smart Setup, a new service that provides consumers with free advice on how to get the best out of the Windows Phone operating system on their Nokia Lumia smartphones.

The service targets all levels of smartphone users, offering advice ranging from simple setup instructions for novices to more complex queries from experienced users.

Speaking to Mobile, Matt Channing, head of Nokia UK’s customer care, said Smart Setup was launched in response to feedback from customers and operator and retail partners.

He said: ‘Windows Phone is very intuitive and easy to use but it is new and so we wanted to ensure that when a customer needs support it is there for them.’

The UK launch follows a successful test run in the US, where it was introduced earlier this year. Channing said the US scheme had delivered significant benefits to Nokia customers and its retail and operator partners.

He added: ‘We have seen the success of this service in the States in cutting the number of unnecessary returns and in taking the pressure off our retail and operator partners to help set up the customer in-store.

‘The service also offers consumers that additional value in the initial start up days after buying their Lumia device. Most people turn to their family or friends for help with their new phone. We want to be that friend to our customers.’

Consumers book a time slot on the Smart Setup website, with a specially trained Nokia customer care team member calling at the appointed time. Alternatively, customers can go to one of Nokia’s 50 Care Centres, where staff have been trained to deliver in-store Smart Setup advice sessions.

Channing said the length of advice sessions currently averaged between half an hour to 40 minutes, adding: ‘It varies depending on the capability of the consumer and what they want, be that basic setup instructions or, for example, advice on setting up Microsoft Skydrive.’

The UK Smart Setup service was test run internally, with the Smart Setup team fielding test questions from operator and retailer partners. Channing said he was confident following the test run that Nokia Care agents can answer at least 99% of all enquiries.

He claimed that after-sales services such as Smart Setup were playing an increasingly important role in driving Nokia Lumia sales and brand advocacy.

‘The quality of service and the expanse of the services we deliver are becoming increasingly important in an increasingly competitive market, as is how we align ourselves with our operator and retail partners to deliver service expectations,’ said Channing.

‘We are always looking at how we can deliver new and innovative ways to improve that service,’ he added.

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