UK consumers wasting £6bn by being on the wrong mobile contract

UK consumers wasting £6bn by being on the wrong mobile contract

UK consumers are wasting nearly £6 billion per year by being on the wrong mobile contract, an increase of £1.1bn on the wastage in 2011, a new report has claimed.

Ofcom-accredited analysed more than 69,000 real mobile phone bills and found that 26 million mobile subscribers in the UK are on 'excessive tariffs'.

The website said that these customers – representing 74% of UK mobile users – are wasting on average £164 per year on allowances 'three times too large for them'.

The report said that if mobile users adopted a 'tariff diet' approach, they could collectively save £4.32bn.

Of those on 'excessive tariffs', two specific groups were identified, each with their own area of key wastage.

Big Surfers, for example, use lots of mobile data while accessing the internet, but make few calls, while Big Talkers do the opposite.

The report claimed that 12 million customers could save £2.09bn by slimming down their oversized call and data allowances.

Some eight million customers could save £1.14bn by slimming down their oversized data allowances, while six million could save £1.09bn by reducing their oversized call allowances.

However, around eight million subscribers actually need to increase their allowances, as their chosen tariffs are too small for their needs, costing them £1.66bn in extra fees.

Dr Stelios Koundouros, founder of, said that millions of mobile users could benefit from going on a tariff diet.

'At a personal level, the right solution for you depends on the precise mismatch between your usage and your tariff,' he said.

'Billmonitor's new free-to-use Bill Check-up service helps you find out exactly where the 'waste' in your contract is occurring and remedy that with a match to the right contract – whether you're locked into a long-term contract or you're free to switch to a new contract.

'By offering personalised, accurate insights into usage habits, billmonitor can help guide people towards much-needed savings on their mobile bills.'

The report also indicated that one in five consumers are 'mobile addicts' who can't live without their device and tend to be the highest individual wasters.

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Customers often purchase up the tariff range because of the first free at price point - ie they are choosing to subsidise the cost of the handset full ...
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