Palm releases Treo 680 handset

Palm releases Treo 680 handset
Palm is releasing another Treo smartphone, boosting its UK portfolio to two handsets.

Like the Treo 750 before it, Palm is targeting the Treo 680 at business users. It has a qwerty keyboard, email capability, an MP3 player and digital camera. It also displays text messages as instant messenger style threaded chat. Unlike the Windows Mobile 750, it will operate on Palm's operating system.

The manufacturer is lining itself up to become a significant player in the smartphone industry, believing sales in Europe are on a sharp increase. It claims that year-on-year growth for smart phones and wireless handhelds in the first two quarters of 2006 was 26 percent.

The Treo 680 will reach UK shores at the beginning of November and will be available in four colours; Graphite, Crimson, Arctic and Copper. As yet it has not struck an exclusivity deal with any of the networks, and will be sold Sim free through the independent channel. At present the 750 is the only other Palm model on the UK market and is exclusive to Vodafone.

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