Dunne 'embarrassed' by O2 outage, promises to make it up to customers

Dunne 'embarrassed' by O2 outage, promises to make it up to customers

O2 CEO Ronan Dunne said he is 'embarrassed' by the service outage that hit around 7.5 million of its customers and vowed to 'make it up' to them.

In an interview with Sky News, Dunne apologised for the outage, which he described as a 'shocker' for customers, and said an investigation was ongoing into its cause. He added: 'We reckon that about a third of our customers were impacted and as a service provider we absolutely want to make it up to our customers for the service they didn't get. What's key for us is to underpin the reliability of the service and restore our customers' confidence in the availability of the service.'

Dunne declined to reveal exactly what form the compensation would take but said he would make it up to customers 'in an O2 way'. He said affected customers could contact the operator through its website or customer service lines.

When asked if he was embarrassed by the outage, he said: 'Yes I am. I'm a customer myself and I know how important service is. This shouldn't have happened and I'm going to make sure that it doesn't happen [again]. But it's a really complex system we operate - [we deal with] 125 million calls a day, 120 million texts a day.'

Dunne said a part of the network that manages the registration of handsets stopped working around 1pm yesterday and increasing numbers of customers lost connection as the day continued. He revealed that a team of several hundred engineers worked overnight to rectify the problem, with 2G services coming back this morning and 3G around lunchtime.

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