O2 targets rival business customers with new Priority Moments

O2 targets rival business customers with new Priority Moments

O2 will use its new Priority Moments service for small businesses to target enterprise customers at other operators.

The service launched this week and allows small businesses to create and tailor their own offers for customers. Priority Moments is free for small businesses to use, but they must be O2 customers. Ben Dowd, business director at O2, said the service would remain free because the operator wants it to drive customer loyalty and poach customers from rivals.

He said: ‘In the first instance it will be open to existing customers, but our hope is that non-O2 customers will move to us because of it. We are offering this for customer loyalty. Services like this mean it is more likely customers will stay with us for longer. Priority Moments is a big one for trust. If we can help a business’s top line, that’s something not many corporations can do.’

Since O2 launched its Priority Moments service in July last year, it claims to have saved customers more than £8m in high street offers.

The operator began work on the new service nine months ago, with a three-week trial taking place last month. O2 invited over 250 small businesses to trial the service, with more than 135 offers created. Businesses can build discounts on an online dashboard and offers can be live within 24 hours.

Dowd (pictured) said he was hopeful the service would drive footfall to small businesses. Retailers will also have access to customer relationship management data they may not have had before.

Dowd said: ‘The feedback mechanism will give us a rich insight into how we can improve it. It’s an evolution. This is stage one. It addresses a certain part of the market but it doesn’t address the likes of self-employed people like plumbers or electricians.’

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