HTC 'needs to change to recapture UK market'

HTC 'needs to change to recapture UK market'

Two thirds of HTC customers would not purchase another device from the manufacturer, with Samsung now the most popular choice among UK consumers.

Research by YouGov's Smartphone Mobile Internet Experience tracker said HTC needs to 'seriously' reinvent its marketing to win back customers and compete against Apple and Samsung.

When asked if they would consider buying an HTC device, 30% said they would, a fall from 42% last year. Only 9% said they expected to buy an HTC device as their next handset, a drop from 16% last year.

YouGov claimed HTC needs to differentiate better between its handsets. It said having a number of products within the Sensation category, for example, 'undermined its proposition and hampered its brand'.

The research contrasted HTC's fortunes with Samsung, which it said is 'the Android future choice of destination with high loyalty, consideration and expectation rates increasing year on year'.

Russell Feldman, associate director at YouGov's telecoms and technology team, said: 'HTC has long been falling out of the rat race...The brand needs to act, and fast, in order to prove their worth in the fast paced industry that is the smartphone market. Marketing and advertising, as well as branding, need reevaluating in order to re-tempt churners and win new custom – which is currently going to Samsung.'

Editor: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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