Samsung 'didn't copy, it competed', argues lawyer

Samsung 'didn't copy, it competed', argues lawyer

Samsung has claimed its products are the result of competition with Apple, not copying, as opening statements were delivered in the high stakes patent court case between the two companies.

The case began in earnest yesterday (31 July) in a packed court room in San Jose, California. Apple has accused Samsung of copying features such as scrolling and multi-touch on its range of smartphones.

Lawyers for the Cupertino-based company said internal documents from Samsung showed it deliberately chose to copy the iPhone. According to Reuters, Samsung lawyer Charles Verhoeven said all companies produce these product analyses. He said: 'It's called competition. That's what we do in America.'

However, Apple said a key question for the jury to consider was how Samsung moved from its old smartphone designs to its current handsets. Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said: 'Artists don't laugh that often when people steal their designs.'

Samsung's Verhoeven argued many features had been thought up by rival companies before the iPhone came to market. He said: 'Samsung is not some copyist, some Johnny-come-lately doing knockoffs...There's a distinction between commercial success and inventing something.'

Apple is seeking damages of more than $2.5bn, with Samsung demanding a cut of each Apple device sold. The case will stretch throughout August.

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