Samsung announces launch of Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung announces launch of Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1, the follow-up to last year's so-called 'phablet' will go on sale next month, the manufacturer has revealed.

The Korean manufacturer said the Galaxy Note 10.1 offers the functionality and precision of a pen and paper on a 10.1-inch large display, which is substantially bigger than the 5.3 inch screen the original Note touted.

Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung's UK & Ireland telecommunications and networks division, said: 'Following the success of the very first Galaxy Note, which we launched at the end of last year, we’re delighted that our UK customers will now be able to experience the evolution of this device for themselves.

'The Galaxy Note 10.1 is a product we are very excited about and will offer our customers a new way to use and experience a tablet device. As well as being able to consume content such as videos, photos, documents and the internet, the Galaxy Note 10.1 also gives them the power to produce, create and customise that same content – something they won’t get from any other product on the market.'

The Galaxy Note 10.1 has a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, and with its 'multi-screen' on a 10.1-inch large display it is capable of side-by-side 'multitasking', claimed Samsung. The device runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

It also has an S Pen with a variety of S Note templates and productive tools (Shape Match and Formula Match); Learing Hub for accessing educational curricula and Adobe’s premium creative application Photoshop Touch.

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