Ex-Apple designer claims Samsung phones are similar

Ex-Apple designer claims Samsung phones are similar

A former employee of Apple has argued in a US court that the design of Samsung's smartphones are 'confusingly similar' to those of the US company.

A San Jose court heard yesterday from Susan Kare, who helped design some of the icons for Apple's original Macintosh computers in the mid-1980s. Kare examined 11 Samsung smartphones during a pre-trial meeting. According to Reuters, she told the court: 'There was a big conference table with many phones on it, and some of them were on. I could see the screen. I went to pick up the iPhone to make a point about the user interface, and I was holding a Samsung.

'I think of myself as someone who's pretty granular about looking at graphics, and I mistook one for the other.'

When cross-examining Kare, Samsung's lead attorney Charles Verhoeven switched on a Samsung phone and asked her to tell the jury what she saw, which was the white Samsung logo. He drew attention to visual differences between common icons on both Apple and Samsung's smartphones, including short messaging and calender images.

However, Kare argued there were numerous similarities between the two companies' devices, including rounded corners, an evenly spaced grid, and its range of icon styles. She said Research in Motion's BlackBerry Torch was a smartphone with a differentiated display. She added: 'It is my opinion that the overall collection of graphic features that makes the overall visual impression could be confusing to a consumer.'

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