Shebang launches pay monthly MVNO

Shebang launches pay monthly MVNO

Shebang Technologies is continuing to pursue its MVNO ambitions after selling off its retail and online estate to A1 Comms, with the launch of an MVNO guaranteeing all customers a credit check pass.

The company has cut a deal with A1 Comms to sell a Go Mobile pay monthly MVNO  which guarantees a credit check pass for every customer. The MVNO will be sold in A1 Comms’ Go Mobile stores and on the Go Mobile network website.

The MVNO promises all customers a contract deal even if they have a poor credit rating. Customers are given a monthly Sim-only deal on Three’s network for the first four months and can then apply for a handset under the contract, providing they have paid the first four months’ bills in full and on time.

Go Mobile store managers welcomed the deal this week. One told Mobile: ‘Stacks of people apply and fail to get contracts because of their credit rating, but that isn’t because they have a bad record. Often it’s because they have moved around, or they are new to the country or have no credit history. So this really fills a gap in the market.’

A spokesman for A1 Comms, which owns the Go Mobile retail estate, confirmed the launch of the new MVNO. He added: ‘The Go Mobile MVNO is owned by Shebang and will be sold in Go Mobile stores.’

Asked whether franchise partners bore the risk of customers defaulting under the MVNO deal, the spokesman said: ‘Since it is Shebang’s MVNO any risk is calculated into their business model.’

The contract MVNO, which launched in A1 Comms’ Go Mobile franchise stores last week, is an extension of Go Mobile’s pay-as-you-go MVNO deal, which has been sold in Go Mobile stores since 2010.

A1 Comms, which owns, acquired Shebang’s Purple Partnership franchise business along with 100 Go Mobile stores and Shebang’s retail website in June this year.

Shebang has retained ownership of its MVNO business, that includes the RSPCA MVNO that promises 15% of every top-up to the RSPCA.

Shebang was unavailable for comment as Mobile went to press.

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