Samsung and Apple disclose sales figures to US court

Samsung and Apple disclose sales figures to US court

Samsung has shipped 21 million smartphones, including 4.1 million Galaxy S II's, in the US since April 2010, court documents reveal.

In the latest phase of the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung, both companies were required to reveal sales figures for particular devices. Apple claims that Samsung infringed its intellectual property across a number of devices.

The Korean manufacturer has sold 1.4 million tablets to carriers, along with 512,000 Galaxy Nexus devices since late last year. By contrast, the Cupertino company shipped 34 million iPads and 62.8 million iPhones during a comparable period.

Unlike Apple, Samsung has traditionally been cagey about shipment figures, choosing to report revenue in its financial reports. The court documents revealed that since the second quarter of 2010, the Korean manufacturer has shipped 21.3 million smartphones in the US, with revenue worth $7.5bn. Since the second quarter of 2007, Apple has shipped 86 million iPhones and 34 million iPads, worth $69.7bn.

The case is set to continue throughout August.

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