Samsung begins calling witnesses in US patent case

Samsung begins calling witnesses in US patent case

Samsung has taken the stand in its multibillion-dollar US patent trial with Apple and attacked the iPhone manufacturer's claims it originated the patents under dispute.

The San Jose court was shown technologies that resembled and preceded Apple's so-called 'rubberbanding', or how an iPhone or iPad screen appears to bounce when a user scrolls to the end of a page. Another witness showcased his 2004 invention of system of tiles, similar to how the iPhone's menus are laid out, which allow users to zoom in, out and interact with images.

Samsung argues that the features on its smartphone and tablet devices have evolved through competition rather than mimickry.

Apple's final witness was heard yesterday (13 August). Bloomberg and Reuters reported how accountant Terry Musika claimed more than a quarter of Samsung's $30.4bn US sales were derived from products that copied Apple patents. Musika also referred to an internal Samsung document that highlighted the iPhone's release in 2007 as one of four major mobile trends of the subsequent five years.

The iPhone manufacturer is claiming up to $2.75bn in damages, as well as a permanent ban on sales of the tablet and Samsung smartphones in the US. Closing arguments are expected to be heard in the case next week.

Editor: Graeme Neill

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