Coughlin: 'I can make a difference'

Coughlin: 'I can make a difference'

LG’s new head of mobile Andy Coughlin has revealed his strategy to drive the Korean manufacturer’s mobile business forward in the UK.

This will include a series of new device launches with LTE, 3G and 4G-enabled smartphones crossing the price value structure in the next 12 months.

There will also be a recruitment drive at the manufacturer with three immediate appointments.

Coughlin said he was committed to boosting the mobile team in Slough, across the sales and marketing divisions, and would announce further appointments in due course. There will also be a ‘beefing up’ of LG’s training team, as Coughlin acknowledged the importance of getting it right at the retail level.

The manufacturer has been under considerable pressure from rivals and Coughlin admitted it had made a slow start in the smartphone market. However, he said he was determined to ‘get the correct building blocks in place’.

He added: ‘The UK market is absolutely key and a major level of investment really starts with the launch of the Optimus 4X HD on 27 August.

‘We have a very strong pedigree in LTE, and we’ll be announcing a series of LTE devices followed by a new range of smartphones for 2013. We believe we can gain traction because our price structure will be extremely competitive, as we can benefit from low overhead costs.’

Coughlin also emphasised the importance of convergence: ‘We are very strong in the TV and white label goods market. We believe we can use mobile phones as a gateway to offering a fully converged service. We are going for a joined up approach.

‘It’s also important to get the complete channel execution right, and then we’ll get the brand value. That’s important to me. I’m not all about chasing numbers. Market share will then follow.’

Coughlin will report to Brian Na, the former global VP of sales and marketing for LG, who has been appointed president of LG Electronics UK.

Although he acknowledged that LG was playing ‘catch-up’ in the smartphone market, Coughlin said he could make a ‘real difference’ with his experience of tackling the challenges that lie ahead.

Coughlin, who has been in place for just over four weeks, said he had an ‘open door’ management style and would work closely with LG’s headquarters in South Korea. He said any changes made would be an ‘evolution rather than a revolution’ as he continues his review of the mobile business.

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