Swantee warns rivals against 4G legal action

Swantee warns rivals against 4G legal action

Everything Everywhere has said it has 'no appetite for litigation' over the forthcoming 4G auction, although its CEO warned rivals it would consider its options if they tried to stop it rolling out next generation services through the courts.

The operator issued a statement after Swantee gave an interview with the Financial Times. The joint venture was given the go-ahead on Tuesday to roll out a 4G service this year. Everything Everywhere is planning a small scale offer and has trademarked a range of names, including 4GEE and 4G Everywhere. O2, Vodafone and Three criticised the regulator's decision, and have declined to rule out legal action.

Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee said any legal action would lead the operator to review its own position about the 4G auction, which will be held in early 2013. He said: 'The industry 'needs to grow up'. I am concerned that we are at the mercy of our competitors. I will commit here and now to support the auction process, even though there are aspects of the auction rules that we don’t like. However, and I am hoping it doesn’t come to this, if there is litigation against Ofcom’s ruling, we will have no choice but to review our position.'

In a statement issued after the interview's publication this afternoon, the operator said it supported the auction process 'despite not agreeing with parts of the proposed auction rules, for the greater good of the economy'. It added: 'We have no appetite for litigation, and we sincerely hope that our competitors haven’t either. We hope that they will follow us in innovating, not litigating.'

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