Apple and Google CEOs reportedly in peace talks

Apple and Google CEOs reportedly in peace talks

The CEOs of Google and Apple have been conducting behind the scenes talks on a range of issues including the ongoing mobile patent disputes between the two companies, sources have claimed.

According to a report in Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page had a phone conversation last week, and discussions are ongoing between lower-level officials in both companies. Both Cook and Page are scheduled to have another conversation in the coming weeks.

The talks come against the backdrop of Apple's victory over Samsung in a landmark US court case last week. Samsung, which uses Google's Android operating system, has to pay Apple $1.05bn in damages. Apple is seeking a sales ban for eight Samsung devices in the US.

A source told the newswire that one outcome of the talks could be a truce over the patent disputes relating to the features of Android's operating system. Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs regarded the Android platform as a 'stolen product' and vowed to 'go thermonuclear' on its smartphone rival.

During the last few months, Apple has distanced itself from Google, replacing the digital giant's Maps application on its smartphones and tablets with its own software, and no longer preloading YouTube onto its iPhone.

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