Phones 4u staff score highly in Mastermind

Phones 4u staff score highly in Mastermind

Phones 4u staff have notched up the highest number of perfect scores in the early rounds of qualifying for Product Mastermind, with six sales people achieving a perfect score.

Staff from branches in Portsmouth and Southampton have made a strong showing, hitting top marks and proving they know their iOS from their Ice Cream Sandwich.

But O2 is looking like the company to beat as the entry phase gets underway. The operator boasts the broadest base of support (crucial to winning the competition, see below) with a strong showing from its Gurus. It also has its own 100-percenter  in Chris Borwell from Boston. Three continues to look strong, although it is being hotly pursued by Vodafone.

However, Orange and T-Mobile have got off to a slow start, with individual scorers yet to register above 66%. Colleagues seem less than confident that their product knowledge will earn better marks, and are proving slow to throw their hat into the ring.

Product Mastermind is being run by in association with Samsung. Its quest is to find the company with the most outstanding product knowledge in the mobile industry. The competition is open to all retail and call centre staff and there is still plenty of time for staff to enter.

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Competition format - The top four scorers from from the entry phase will be selected to form a company team. But everyone in the company has a part to play. Employees are rewarded with Power Pack points for learning about products and taking knowledge tests. Their points are averaged across the whole company, with high scores unlocking bonus questions for their team in the knockout stage.

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